Moody - Lightroom Presets:


This curated preset pack is built to produce moody aesthetic and richness to your images with empathis on "mood", deep shadows and contrast. Add instant tone and mood to your images or use the presets as a starting point to cultivate your own style.


Want to see some photos I've edited with these Presets?
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What's inside?

  • 15 Presets for Adobe Lightroom Classic (.xmp files)


This pack is ideal for:

  • Portrait Photography
  • Urban Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Contrasty Images
  • Key Lighting Situations


How to use Lightroom Presets:


To get the best results you should always shoot in RAW and play around with Temperature, White Balance and Exposure. Often you get perfect results by adjusting these sliders after applying the preset. To balance or change particular colors in your image, adjust the sliders in the HSL tab to get the desired effect.